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4x4, 6x6, 9x9, 12x12 and 16x16 Sudoku with multiple Split support.
Classic and other Sudoku game from simple to master levels.

  1. Override previously entered values.
  2. Split support up to 32 configurations.
  3. Full editing of Split Tree (delete, accept).
  4. Highlight for Frozen cells (no valid moves).
  5. Highlight for Single cells (exactly 1 move).
  6. Undo.

Enjoy NP-Complete Challenge.
Train your Brain for Long and Active Life.

How to use

To split puzzle: use "Split" button.
To navigate among different configurations: use "Tree" menu.
To remove split: press on "Delete: icon of the item in Split Tree list.

Supported Sudoku Boards

Tiny => 4x4 (with 2x2 cell).
Baby => 6x6 (with 3x2 cell).
Classic => 9x9 (with 3x3 cell).
Mega => 12x12 (with 4x3 cell).
Elephant => 16x16 (with 4x4 cell).
MagicSudokuPro Supported Sudoku Boards

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